Our Aims


A curriculum that encourages your child to develop positive attitudes about themselves and others.


 Individual care and attention made possible by a higher than required ratio of adults to children.

Personal Support

The support of a personal keyworker who gets to know you and your child well.


A safe and secure environment. Appropriate provision to ensure each child receives the widest possible opportunity to develop their individual skills and abilities at their own pace.

Family Involvement

 The opportunity for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities of the group and in your own child's progress.

Our Story

Little Lambs Pre-school has been operating since October 1999, when the current Owner took over the original playgroup that had been open at the Belvedere Baptist Church since 1978.

We moved to our current setting at the Christian Gray Hall in 2009. This allowed us more space for the children and a proper outdoor play area.   

We are currently registered to provide sessional day care for 40 children per session and operate a first come first served waiting list.

Starting at Little Lambs

We recognise that starting anything new can be a daunting that is why our aim is to provide sensitive care to support each child as they settle into the nursery.

All parents are encouraged to attend one of our open sessions with their child in the term before they begin at Little Lambs. A child who is tense and unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly, so it is important for parents and staff to work together to help the child feel confident and secure in the group. This takes longer for some children than others. To begin with, it may be a good idea to visit with your child so that you both get to know the people there and how the group operates. If your child sees that you are friendly with the staff they will soon become friends too.

 If a child is unsettled, we recommend separating for brief periods at first, gradually building up to longer absences.

When you attend an open session prior to joining Little Lambs you will be asked to complete his/her registration forms and to provide important information such as:

  • Contact details
  • Additional emergency contact details for persons authorised to collect your child
  • Information about family background e.g. siblings
  • Any special needs
  • Dietary requirements, such as allergies etc
  • A copy of their Birth Certificate