Your child's Learning journey

delivering the curriculum.

  • Will the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum put pressure on my child?


No, children will feel they are playing and having fun. The preschool or school staff will provide a selection of appropriate activities both indoors and outdoors. The staff plan the activities based on the current interests and abilities of the children present.


Sometimes the activities will be led by adults in order to practise and develop particular skills like using scissors or gluing, or learning new songs and rhymes to develop children's awareness of sounds and letters. At other times children will select what they play with from a rich learning environment set up in the playroom, or outdoor provision.


They will appear to be playing but, as this is how young children learn, they will be learning too. Washing the dolls' clothes for instance helps develop physical skills, and gives the opportunity to communicate and co-operate with others, and to discover the properties of water and detergent.


  • How will my child's progress be recorded?


At Little Lambs all children have their own personal log in to the Famly app, which we use to save work done, and store photographs taken of your child showing their development. We also complete observations on your child to help track their progress. You will be able to access your child’s journey at times that suit you, once activated. From this you can also contact staff members with any questions you may have. Child absences will also be recorded through this as well as any personal information needed. 


We will consult with parents on a regular basis and will involve you in your child's learning journey. When your child starts their education and care you will be asked to complete a profile sheet. This will help the staff understand all the learning that has taken place already at home and will help them plan for their future learning in the setting. As children continue to spend the majority of their time at home it is important that you continue to be fully involved in their learning.


  • Will my child be tested at the end of the Foundation stage?


There is an assessment made of each child at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (that is, at the end of the Reception Class) called the Foundation Stage Profile. If your child moves to school reception class we will complete a record of transfer form notfying the receiving school of your childs progress to date.  


  • What is the Foundation Stage Profile?


This is a national scheme to help teachers to record observations and to summarise each child's achievements at the end of the Foundation Stage. Assessments are made on the Early Learning Goals of the six areas of learning. Teachers make observations throughout the year and record children's progress - they do not set special assessment activities.